Editing in Photoshop
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June 16, 2018
By Creative Photo Clicks
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This is where many long hours are spent perfecting your images.  This is the portion of the process you DON'T see me working hard for you.  This is the reason you hire me, a professional photographer, to properly edit your files so they are ready for your walls.  This is why you hire me to use my artistic and photography skills.  Anyone can take a picture, but do they have mad editing skills?  I'm skilled in Photoshop, many years under my belt.  This is WHY you invest in beautiful photography.  There are MANY photographers out there that can take a photo, but do they fully edit and make them ready for your walls?  Remember you get what you pay for, if someone is priced cheap you have to ask yourself are they editing your photos?  Most likely NOT...as it takes many hours and some just don't have the skill set or interest in going the extra mile.   I have a degree in photography and many many years of experience.   I'm an artist!

Are you wondering what happens after your session?  Well I literally go into editing mode to prepare your sneak peek, because I'm just as anxious to show you my favorite photo from our session.  I spend many hours sifting through ALL your digital files and select ONLY THE BEST to fully edit.  When I say all, it can range from 300-1000 files, just depends on the type of session.  And yes, I do look at every file to determine if it's worthy of editing!!  Once I have sifted through files, I begin editing your photos, then upload to your private online gallery.  

Below is an example of a before and after to show you my editing skills.   SOOC means straight out of camera, below that is the fully edited file.  As you can see it's now ready to be printed large, this one is canvas worthy.  I spend time cleaning up skin, whitening teeth, fix hair, paint the sky, sharpen and add some glow to the eye and much much more!!  

Editing is where the magic happens!  This is why you hire me, a skilled photographer, who has the knowledge to create beautiful photography.  


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